How yoga has changed my life (and a great announcement!)


In seven years, I have reinvented myself. I was reflecting on this at my most recent yoga module. In fact, I have not reinvented myself, I have just dropped the armour and become more of myself.

Seven years ago, I had a small baby and I was working full time as an audit manager for a large accounting firm. I was very stressed out and deeply unhappy. To the outside world, everything looked wonderful. We had just built our first home, we lived in a good area, Annie was going to one of the best day care centres in Johannesburg and we both earned good salaries, so we could afford to eat out all the time and drive fancy cars with heated seats and automatic headlights.

Life, on the outside, looked lovely. On the inside, I was miserable. I had constant problems with my sinuses, I was always constipated, I was unfulfilled at work and I would come home every night, exhausted. I didn’t know how to get out of the situation I had created for myself, so I decided to listen to my inner voice.

Sometimes the armour is really big and heavy and it is hard to hear what the voice is saying, but if our longing is deep enough, we can hear a whisper.

Fast forward seven years and I am astounded at how different my life is. I am no longer trying to achieve the life of my dreams. I am now living it.

I am so pleased to share with you that I have passed my interim assessment at my yoga module! This means that I am now a student teacher and that I am able to start teaching classes.

My intention with my classes is to give mothers hands on tools to find that inner voice. My intention is to teach mothers about their own incredible, feminine power and how to use that power to lift themselves up and to improve the lives of their families in the process.

My classes will be nurturing, loving, welcoming and safe. Every child deserves to feel loved and to grow up in a home that is warm and peaceful. The way to give children that type of environment is to give their mothers that type of environment. We are the most important figures in the home. The world literally revolves around us. When we are in a bad mood, the whole family is affected.

Our children deserve for us to do everything we can so that they can grow up happy and secure. We cannot give our children what we ourselves do not receive. We have to model self love and self care.

It is our responsibility.

I am so looking forward to bringing these lessons that I have learned into my teaching. Combining yoga and deep feminine wisdom, what a blessing to teach that. And what a blessing to be living that every day.

Yoga has been the bridge I needed to hear that inner voice, it is my wish that everyone can find their inner voice too.

Blessings to you.

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3 thoughts on “How yoga has changed my life (and a great announcement!)

  1. Catherine

    Congratulations Olga you will make the most wonderful yoga teacher if only I lived close by I would love you to teach me:) Wishing you a wonderful weekend. xx


  2. krissie

    yes, congrats Ola, youve worked long and hard to get to this point, and it shows that you are supporting your dreams and your dreams are now supporting you! go you!



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