Olga started on her current spiritual journey with the birth of her fist child. She went back to work after her daughter was born and wound up with postnatal depression. The realisation that she was deeply unhappy, as she wanted to be home with her baby instead of working in a corporate career as a Chartered Accountant, catapulted her into deep personal development and reflection.

She realised that since she was responsible for the life that she had created, she also had the power to change her life into one that made her happy and that was an authentic reflection of her heart’s deepest truth.

Today, Olga has a passion to empower women and mothers to live in line with their authentic selves and feminine rhythms.  She believes that when mothers are happy, they can model a healthy way of living to their own children. She believes that our own self-care and self-love is the foundation to happiness.

She teaches Dru yoga at home, so that she is not too far from her family. She also teaches Dru yoga to her own children, which they love. She loves that Dru is yoga for real people who live in the real world and that you don’t need to be able to stand on your head to find inner peace on the mat.  Olga fell in love with Dru as soon as she found it and she credits her practice as underlying all that she does in the world today. She says that yoga makes her a better mother and a happier person.

She lives with her husband, two children, one cat and three chickens in a little piece of paradise overlooking the gum trees in Australia. She loves going on her morning walks while the local kangaroos hop by. She loves home cooked food, candles, sea salt baths and chocolate. She is an eternal student, who always has a book next to her bed.

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