Goddess bath salts


I thought I would share my recipe for bath salts with you. Every mother is a goddess and she needs to treat herself like one. I love these bath salts as they are made with roses. The rose is said to have the highest vibration of all living things. The smell of rose is literally the smell of the goddess. I hope you enjoy this recipe and that you treat yourself to a beautiful goddess salt bath.

Goddess bath salts

  • 1 kg of epsom salts
  • 1 cup of sea salt
  • 1 cup of bicarbonate of soda
  • a small handful of organic rose petals*
  • 15 drops of good quality rose essential oil

This bath is especially potent at the full moon and for the three days after.

Run a warm bath and light some candles. Play some soft music. Add two cupped handfuls of the bath salts to your bath. Soak for 20 minutes. Imagine the water cleansing away all your worries and the goddess healing you.

Place any rose petals floating in the bath into the garden. Do not throw them into the garbage.

Once complete, massage your body with a lovely oil like coconut, olive or sesame oil. Use oil, not body cream, as oil is very healing, nourishing and sensual.

Climb into bed and rest.

You will feel warm, calm and relaxed. You will feel the essence of the goddess in every part of your being.

The bath will also detoxify you and alleviate any muscular aches and pains you may have.

Make sure to have one or two glasses of water to clear out the toxins that are released.

* Always buy organic rose petals, as roses are heavily sprayed with pesticides.

I hope you enjoy this bath and let me know how you feel after practicing it. It is a great way to practice much needed self care, it will make you a much more peaceful and happy mother.

Blessings to you.

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4 thoughts on “Goddess bath salts

  1. Sohail

    Please note that this works for gods as well as goddesses – everyone could do with imbuing themselves with the essence of the feminine that is present in all of us 🙂


  2. krissie

    we all need to feel like Goddesses, especially after a hard day…. your salts and advice seem to hit the spot! We have a bath here just dont use it often enough… now youve inspired me I might have one soon… with some lovely aromatic candles burning too!



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