Inspiring Peace – Conversations with Wise Women

{The image above was drawn by my eight year old, Annie. It is a picture of me doing yoga, looking very peaceful and chic with my mani and pedi. Thank you Roxanne Gordon at Rogo Graphics Inc for the graphic design on Annie’s artwork. I love it.}

Hi gorgeous ones!

Welcome to the Inspiring Peace Series. Showcasing mothers all over the world who live by the philosophy of creating peace in the world by parenting from the heart, in a way that adds love to the world. Sounds good?

Today we meet the totally inspiring Meagan from This Whole Family.

  • meaganWhat was the catalyst that inspired you into mothering the way that you do?

I’m not sure there was ever a catalyst that turned me towards a certain type of mothering. Parenting has really been a learning journey for me. I knew very early on I didn’t want to fall into the habit of yelling or that there was no way I could participate in spanking etc. Personally one of my strongest values since I was very young is to “be kind”. I mean, I think it is my most valued virtue- kindness, compassion. So, I strive more than anything to model kindness and compassion for my children in every aspect of our lives.

  • If you could tell a new mother just one thing that would make her journey of parenting more joyful, what would it be?

Try to find the humour in the daily grind. Things like my children dumping a 2kg bag of cocoa all over the toy room floor and me discovering them with chocolate rimmed mouths and covered from head to foot in brown powder. I could have flipped out OR I could take a breath and see the humour in it (and the humour in retelling the story in the future.) You can still seriously parent, discipline, set boundaries while also quietly seeing the humour of it all too.

  • How do you honour your femininity as a mother?

I try to reming myself to “go gently”. I try to get to yoga, I eat whole foods, I blog to record and capture happy, beautiful moments from our days, I have a simple skincare regime, I put essential oils (usually mandarin or lavender) on my wrists before I leave the house in the morning, I listen to Regina Spektor, I try to get at least 8-9 hours sleep a night, I try to re-establish a real connection with my husband at least 3-4 times a week.

  • What are your non negotiables for your own self care?

I think I am pretty low maintenance: Washing my hair 2-3 times/week, washing my face and applying moisturiser morning and night, brushing and flossing, eating wholesome, nutrient-dense real food, sleeping a lot, getting at least 20 minutes of sun each day. I don’t exercise much at the moment- sometimes I do yoga classes and sometimes I do light weight training at home but while I am breastfeeding I don’t worry much about exercise – I find it already takes a lot of energy out of me. And more than anything- at least 3 home days each week. I really, really don’t like feeling busy, rushed or constantly on a deadline.

  • What is one practical thing you do on a daily basis to make your daily life run more smoothly?

I unload the dishwasher at night before I go to sleep, I pack lunches before I go to bed, I run a load of laundry as soon as I wake up. Also on Sundays I always plan out my week ahead on paper.

  • How important is rhythm in your life?

Very important. I plan meals, I goal set for each week, each month and for each year and in order to accomplish these larger goals there are mini tasks that I need to accomplish each day. A rhythm helps me to organise my thoughts and to prioritise. Rhythm also helps to carry my children throughout the day which means less meltdowns, more predictability and more stability.

  • Finish these sentences:
  • I am happiest when: my children are happy, healthy and playing cooperatively together and I am in the kitchen undisturbed.
  • Love is: infinite, unconditional, exponential and simultaneously heavy and light.
  • My greatest wish for my children is: that they grow to be happy, healthy, fulfilled and compassionate citizens of the planet.
  • What does being a peaceful mother mean to you?

Not sweating the small stuff. Trying not to take things personally. Trying to see the world from your children’s eyes. Being compassionate, calm and patient as much you can. Spending a tiny bit of time each day on personal development, spirituality and prayer (in any form).

About Meagan:

Meagan Wilson is wife to supportive husband, Brad and mother to a vivacious 5 year old, North, feisty 3 year old, Indigo and bubbly baby Juniper. Meagan began researching playbased and natural early childhood learning over four years ago when she stumbled across some Waldorf inspired blogs that resonated with her deeply. Since then she has passionately shared her parenting journey including her transition to a TV-free home, her parenting style and beliefs and delicious holistic recipes on her blog- You can browse her series of seasonal Family Rhythm Guides at

Thank you Meagan, I have been reading your blog for many years and I am always moved by your gentle spirit and the love you have for your children. I love the practical tips about the dishwasher, washing machine and planning for the week. All these things are so helpful. I also agree about not pushing the body too hard while breastfeeding and having young children. Preservation of our energy is so important and you do it so well.

Make sure to have a look at seasonal Family Rhythm Guides, they are really fantastic!


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