Inspiring Peace – Conversations with wise women

{The image above was drawn by my eight year old, Annie. It is a picture of me doing yoga, looking very peaceful and chic with my mani and pedi. Thank you Roxanne Gordon at Rogo Graphics Inc for the graphic design on Annie’s artwork. I love it.}

Hi gorgeous ones!

Welcome to the Inspiring Peace Series. Showcasing mothers all over the world who live by the philosophy of creating peace in the world by parenting from the heart, in a way that adds love to the world. Sounds good?

Today we meet the lovely Claire McAuliffe from Claire the Life Coach.


  • What was the catalyst that inspired you into mothering the way that you do?

My mother was very distant with myself and my siblings so I always knew that I wanted a close relationship with all my kids. I’m still their parent but certainly not as strict as parents were in years gone by. I’ve learnt so much from my kids and also found that they are more open to sharing all sorts of things with me, some of which I’ve known nothing about! It’s been pretty hilarious at times!

  • If you could tell a new mother just one thing that would make her journey of parenting more joyful, what would it be?

Relax and don’t sweat the small stuff, trust your intuition! (I know it’s more than one but they are all important!) I worried too much about what other mothers’ thought instead of being practical and following my instincts.

  • How do you honour your femininity as a mother?

I always like to dress well wherever I am, not only because it makes me feel good but I see the pride in my children’s faces when they see me looking neatly dressed. I recently had my 9 year old son request that I wear an evening dress to the parent information night!! How do you explain that you would show up all the other mothers??!!!

  • What are your non negotiables for your own self care?

It is very important that I exercise every morning, eat clean and sleep at least 8 hours a night. When this is right, all is well with the world. I really love the quiet time in the morning too, it sets me up for the day. It is very important that I exercise every morning, eat clean and sleep at least 8 hours a night. When this is right, all is well with the world. I really love the quiet time in the morning too, it sets me up for the day.

  • What is one practical thing you do on a daily basis to make your daily life run more smoothly?

I’ve always been an early riser and find that an organised day makes for a less stressful day. I like to organise one day in advance so everyone knows exactly what they are doing.

  • How important is rhythm in your life?

Rhythm is very important in my life and also the children’s, when life runs smoothly, everyone is happier. Having been a single mother of 8 children for almost 8 years now, rhythm provided the children with stability.

  • Finish these sentences:
  • I am happiest when: I’m drinking my morning coffee in the sunshine! (The beautiful quiet makes for wonderful insights!)
  • Love is: the most beautiful emotion on earth and makes the world go round.
  • My greatest wish for my children is: for each of them to find their own unique gift that makes them happy and be a bright shining light to the world.
  • What does being a peaceful mother mean to you?

Now this was the most difficult question to answer. Being a ‘peaceful mother’ to 8 children is difficult as I’m sure you can imagine. There have been moments when it all gets on top of you. BUT, when you think about these creations you’ve brought into the world and look at their characters and personalities, it warms your heart. They are each unique in their own way and as much as some things frustrate me at the end of the day I’m their mum. Being peaceful to me means doing my best for my children and letting them become responsible adults and I can look back and say ‘ Yep, I did a pretty damn good job’!!

About Claire:

Claire describes herself as a loving mother who out of difficult times has come through the other side to explore her gifts. A new life coach who want to guide women through their own troubles to find inner peace and excitement in the world. You can connect with Claire on Claire – The Life Coach.

Wow, Claire. Thank you for such beautiful sharing. Your radiance really does shine through in your picture and your words. Your 8 (wow!) children are so lucky to have a mama like you. I totally agree with you about always being well presented. It makes such a difference to our mood and really demonstrates our own self love, doesn’t it?

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