Progress on Claude Monet’s garden

Hi beautiful.

I hope that you are well. It is definitely cooling down over here and this seems to have reignited my enthusiasm to create a magnificent garden like Claude Monet’s in Giverny. Due to my inherent Pitta (fire and water) constitution in ayurveda, I tend to find the warmer weather a little bit challenging. I have to watch that I don’t over heat and I need to make a point of really cooling down my activities.

I thought I would share a few photos and tell you what I have been doing in creating the garden of my dreams. I am learning that creating a garden of my dreams in such a hot and dry climate is going to be a life time of learning. The soil in our garden is very poor. Sohail has been digging holes for me to plant a few fruit trees and he digs up sand and rocks! I am filling up those holes with lots of compost, rock minerals and potting soil. So far, I have planted a Japanese plum, a Brazilian cherry and another Japanese plum is planned to go in to the ground soon. I am hoping that the trees will provide us with shade on the lawn in summer and beautiful blossoms in spring.


If you have a look outside Monet’s house, near the front door, you will see that there is a sea of forget me nots, with pink tulips growing amongst them. I have endeavoured to create the same thing with a pot next to my front door. I have planted some tulips in a pot with the forget me nots. One thing I have added to my organic potting mix is rock minerals. This really nourishes the soil. I am noticing that my seeds have started germinating just four days after planting. I always add a handful of rock minerals to whatever I am planting.


The first thing that Monet and his family did was to plant a vegetable garden that would supply them with delicious food. I have got four vegetable planters in the backyard and here is a picture of one of the tomato plants going crazy. The tomatoes are all green. Even though it was very hot in summer, the summer has not been very long, so I suspect that is why the tomatoes have not ripened. I have picked and put them in a bowl near a window, but they are also not ripening. Can anyone give me some wisdom on growing tomatoes? Should I just let the plant die down and wait for the fruits to turn red, or is it too late? I have some peas that have self seeded and are starting to climb up the bottom there. I love how mother nature is just doing her own thing!


The last thing I will show you is my nasturtiums. I am so pleased with how they are growing. Monet has a Grande Allee underplanted with nasturtiums on both sides. The nasturtiums creep all along the path and cover it completely by the time it is autumn. I have planted them near my vegetables and they have grown beautifully. I am so pleased with them that I am planting some more on the other side of the vegetable garden too. I think that if I work up the soil, they will grow even better next year.

I will leave you with a quote from Elizabeth Murray, who helped to restore the Giverny gardens in the 1980s:

“Cultivating beauty nurtures spirit, which blossoms into creativity, rooted and sustained in love.”

I am wondering if you are doing anything special in your outside space? If you would like to see what else is inspiring me to get outside, you can have a look at my Pintrest board. If you have one too, I would love to know what it is, so that I can see what inspires you.

Blessings to you.

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