The importance of back care


I would like to write about something I think can make a big difference to your level of peace and joy as a mother. The state of your back.

Our spine is a dynamic, living being. It supports our whole body in that it houses the spinal column. The spinal column runs from the base of the spine, in the coccyx and runs all the way up to our brain. It has 31 pairs of nerve roots, which branch out and send messages from the brain to the different parts in the body, and back the other way. It also acts as a pillar to support our body weight evenly.

It’s amazing that we are born with these beautiful bodies that support us through our lives, but most of us spend our lives inside out heads and we don’t take the time to become intimately connected with the beautiful body that we have.

One thing that can really rock our stability in our body is when our core is not strong. This normally begins in pregnancy when our belly starts getting bigger and we start carrying more weight in the front of our bodies. Our pelvis starts pulling forward and this in turn pulls our spine out of its natural curve. It needs to compensate for the instability since our body is always trying to get itself into balance. If our core is not strong, our spine compensates in a way that pulls our back even more out of alignment.

Once our baby is born, we start carrying her and this, again puts pressure on our back. The time from 8 months up until the baby starts walking is the most difficult time for new mothers. This is because the baby gets heavier and heavier and the mother is still very physically tired. If her back is not in good condition, it just makes everything worse. She feels more tired, does less for her spine and this creates a downward spiral of unhealthy food and lifestyle choices, headaches, aches and pains, irritability and even depression. She feels so bad about herself because she puts on weight, is unhappy and sore and starts second guessing herself as a good mother and person, stops feeling any joy and wonders if it’s all worth it. Sound familiar? Hopefully not, but I am sure that we can all relate to being somewhere on that downward spiral.

Everything is energy. Every thought is energy. When we experience anything, we attach a thought to it. That thought creates a chemical reaction in our brain. The brain processes that chemical reaction and the nerves that are in our spine carry the messages from the brain into the parts of our body related to that thought. If we do not move that energy, it stays stuck in our joints. If it is in our joints and we do not shift it, it moves into our bones, tissues and into our organs. If we still do not shift it, it gets stuck in our organs. This then manifests as dis-ease.

Our spine is like a filing cabinet. The longer we hold onto things, the lower down into our spine they go. So, it is easier to shift neck and shoulder pain than lower back pain. That lower back pain has been there for quite some time.

I love yoga for it’s ability to move the stuck emotions in a gentle way. I love that I don’t need to analyse why the things are there, I can just move them out of my body. Yoga is very powerful because it does not only utilise the body, but also the breath, thoughts, intellect and our spirit to transform us.

Which is why I use yoga to help support my back. So that I do not have stuck energy manifesting as disease. I am always amazed at how quickly the energy gets stuck. Just this weekend, I went to a two hour restorative yoga class. It was bliss and my back felt incredibly flexible and I felt so light. I had an unexpectedly long drive home, which was a bit stressful and I ended up driving for 2 hours. I got home and I felt all that tension back in my back, amazing, isn’t it?

So, it is so so so important to take care of our backs.When our spine is fluid, our mind is fluid and we make better life choices. In the future, I will do some posts on yoga postures that you can do with your children to support your back. My yoga is very very practical and I incorporate it into my daily life as much as possible. Nothing compares to the bliss of a yoga class, or retreat, but the reality is that as mothers, we have little people at our feet all day long. We need to get creative if we want to get our yoga practice in. My children are part of my yoga practice and just tonight they were posing for photos of themselves meditating. It was very sweet and they know about things like meditation because they see me doing it. They see that I place value on it, so they place value on it as well.

For now, I will share two things with you.

  • Firstly, work on building up a strong core. Not so strong that you end up with a prolapse, but strong enough to support your womb in a loving and gentle way. The strength in our core needs to be strong in a subtle way, the same way that we as women navigate in this world. Owning our power and not needing to force in on anyone.
  • Secondly, make sure that you move your spine every single day. Make sure that you move it in all directions. Touch your toes, bend to the side, lie on your back with a big cushion under your lower back so that you can have a gentle back bend and you also open your heart. Make sure to twist from side to side. Raise your arms above your head and elongate your spine.

Do these movements with the awareness that your spine is a living being and try to feel into each vertebrae – we have 24 in total. Love your spine as you move it, thank it for supporting your body. Listen to what it wants to tell you. Any pain or discomfort you feel is a gift, it is your spine’s way of telling you where it needs more love and attention.

How is your back? Do you have any tips on taking care of it? How is your life impacted when your spine is fluid and how is it affected when your spine is not working as well as you would like it to?

I would love to know. Sharing is healing and your words could inspire someone else. Your words are important, please do not keep them to yourself.

Blessings to you.

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5 thoughts on “The importance of back care

  1. Julie Kelty

    Wow, that was so interesting. I have huge problems with my back, 3 bulging discs. So, I spend my days concentrating on my back pain. Really looking forward to your post on back yoga. Thank you, what you say makes perfect sense. Blessings x


  2. Julie Kelty

    Wow, that was so interesting. I have huge problems with my back, 3 bulging discs. So, I spend my days concentrating on my back pain. Really looking forward to your post on back yoga. Thank you, what you say makes perfect sense. Blessings x



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