How should we live in Autumn?



The weather is getting colder and I am thinking about what this Autumn season is all about.

I always look to nature for clues as to how to live.  If we connect with what nature is doing, we can’t get it very wrong. Mother Nature has a beautiful way of just being. Just allowing. Not forcing. If we look outside, we can see the trees shedding their leaves. It seems like the trees are going into such a vulnerable time. Shedding all their beauty to be left naked for all too see.

It can feel like that for me when I strip down all the armour that I wear. It is a really vulnerable place to be, exposed with all our knobbly bits showing.

What we don’t realise with the trees is that even though, on the surface, they may look like they are suffering, under ground, they are renewing. The leaves now have a new purpose – as compost that nourishes the tree. The earth is so active in the darkness. Sleeping and resting. The trees can’t give us their beauty if they don’t have a rest. Think of the beautiful Spring bulb, which needs the cold to give us that beauty at Spring time.

It is the same for us. The time of Autumn corresponds to our PMS week in our monthly cycles. I don’t know about you, but, sometimes I feel like I am going to die in my PMS week. I feel agitated, overwhelmed and I do not want to deal with my children or any of the responsibilities at home. When I look at the trees, I don’t see them freaking out because they are losing their leaves and are descending into their darkness. I see the dignity with which they stand. So proud to be displaying their branches. They know that this is just a phase. That they will once again display their beauty at the right time.

I look to them for inspiration in my PMS week and also as to how to live my life during this season of the year. I see the trees slowing down, they are not making any more fruit, they are not making any more leaves. Perhaps I should also slow down?

Perhaps I should spend more time at home. Perhaps I should look at the food that nature is providing at this time and eat more of it. Pumpkins, root vegetables, apples and pears. Perhaps I should start eating fewer raw foods and I should start doing more baking.Perhaps I should pull out my slow cooker.

Perhaps I should pull back on my activities. Perhaps I should look at the activities the children are doing and pull them back too. What affects me, affects them too.

I know a yoga teacher who doesn’t teach at this time of year. One of my dear friends has just pulled back on all her unnecessary activities to focus on being more inside herself.

Perhaps I should dress my bed with more blankets. Dress my children with more layers.

It is a season where we start to feel the cold and we need to consciously bring in the warmth.

What does warmth mean? Not only does it mean feeding ourselves and our families with more nourishing foods, not only does it mean dressing warmer, not only does it mean warming up our homes.

It also means up warming our spirits.

According to Rudolph Steiner, children under the age of seven cannot feel changes in temperature. It is up to the parents to help them to regulate their temperatures. My children always have a vest on at this time of year. Our kidneys are also particularly vulnerable, so I do not allow myself or my children to have exposed bellies or backs. They start wearing their hats and gloves too, now. I make sure that they eat a lot of soups and stews. This builds up their immune systems. I also make sure to give them more hugs, more kind words, more love. This is the warmth their spirits need.

But, I find that I am not able to give them that warmth, if I do not give it to myself first. So, I spend more time by myself. I spend more time with my yoga practice. I find that the more down time I have, the more present I am able to be with my children. Just like nature, I have to slow down.

I have my biggest insights in the Autumn and Winter seasons of the year and of my monthly cycle. I have found that when I ignore these times as times of rest; I burn out. My family suffers. I suffer. I get sick. My back hurts. The children argue. I shout at everyone.

So, I am reminded to slow down, because, before I know it, Spring will be here once more and it will be time for some more expansion. The cycle never ends. There is no need to control it. I can just release into the reality of where my life is. Right. Now.

It’s challenging at times, yes. I love activity. So, slowing down is something that I consciously have to do. I have to remind myself, that if I want to be a peaceful mother, I have to live peace. I cannot live peace if I live against nature. I cannot give my children peace if I do not have it within myself. I cannot teach my children peace if I do not practice it.

I wonder how you deal with the changes in the seasons? Do you notice them? Do you push against the changes that Mother Nature is instilling? Or, is it something that you embrace with all of your being? Have you considered that you have seasons in your monthly cycles too? Can you think of any activities you could slow down at this time of year?

I would love to know. Sharing is healing and your words could inspire someone else. Your words are important, please do not keep them to yourself.

Blessings to you.

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