Autumn is the season of letting go: reflections from my journal


The school holidays are here. Two weeks at home with my little ones. We have put up our Autumn table. I am sitting here watching the rain coming down. One more week of daylight savings to go. The wool underlays have been put on the beds. The summer vegetable patch is looking tired. I am going to start planning my winter vegetable garden now.

We didn’t perform our autumn equinox ceremony as planned. Both the children and Sohail have been sick for almost a week now. Temperatures and phlegmy coughs. So, we have just been relaxing at home, drinking lots of freshly squeezed juice.

I did spend some time contemplating this season on the actual equinox and I thought that I would share some reflections from my journal with you.

Autumn is really the time to think about what we have learned since spring. Thinking about which of our learnings will take us into the darkness of winter. And also deciding what no longer serves us, and letting it go. Winter is a lean time, so we only need to take the bare minimum with us.

I have done some amazing things in the last six months. My whole view of the world has changed. I was quite narrow minded a few months ago. I am more open, more receptive to receiving the abundance that the universe has to offer than I have ever been.

I have learned that when I try to force something, the energy stops flowing. When I don’t allow things to naturally unfold, I deal with unpleasant situations and people. When I don’t listen to my own compass, I become tired and stressed out.

And I stop the abundance from flowing in.

I will let go of forcing.

I will take the energy of allowing with me.

I will listen to my own guidance. I will work with the energy of my own internal rhythms, not those that I put on myself by an external source.

I will rest. Deeply.

I will do lots of yoga. It will nourish me.
I will take yoga with me.

I will take rest with me.

It’s time to rest. Deeply.

I will spend this time connecting back to my home. Connecting back to my cycles. Connecting back to my family. I will take that with me.

When we sit in the stillness of our soul, we can hear it’s voice. We can connect back to it’s longings. We need to mirror nature if we want to get the best out of ourselves.

What are you taking with you into the next season?

Blessings to you.

4 thoughts on “Autumn is the season of letting go: reflections from my journal

  1. krissie

    Hope you feel better soon! no sign of autumn here yet . . . weve even had a spike in temps this week and we So need that change of season, well at least I do! I long to go quiet, to hibernate! Enjoy the school holidays too with your family and just taking it easy! I am envious of your autumn can you tell?


      1. krissie

        that is and the rest of the week its still going ot be 33C now hurry up autumn… we need you!!!


  2. Kristi

    with a new baby, i feel like i missed summer all together. my seasonal rhythm has been a bit off, but i am so happy to see autumn has arrived and will soon shed it’s colourful leaves all about. it is the most intimate time of year for me.

    you leave such beautiful words here, they always make me want to dig a little deeper.




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