Welcoming in 2013

Welcome to a new year! I love the freshness of the new year. The clean slate. All the possibilities. I hope that you had a wonderful welcoming in of the new year. I would love to hear what you did.

We performed our new year ritual for the second time in a row. It was really powerful. I think that the key is really to get into a place of gratitude before even thinking about what we want to create. When we try to create from a place of lack, we just create more of what we don’t want. But when we are in a space of abundant receiving, it all becomes very clear to us. We then know what to focus on. We should always move towards something. Not move away from something. The energy feels very different.

I didn’t know what I was going to write before I put my pen to paper. Once I started writing, it came very easily to me. 2012 was a big year of movement and change for me. 2013 is going to be a year of consolidation. I have laid a lot of foundation in 2012 and now I get to reap the rewards of the work I have put in.

We spent some time drawing up our budget for the year today. It is so empowering to own your finances. We are really clear on what we want to achieve this year and it feels good to be doing it as a team.

This year, we will create financial freedom for our family. We will do this with love, and connection with others. The vision of what is important in my life is becoming clearer every day.

I am creating a nurturing community of people who are joyful, empowered and free. Every action I take is toward that vision. My community is at home. It is in my business. It is with you on my blog. It will be in a book one day too.

I wish you a year of incredible beauty, wisdom, freedom and joy. May there be peace in your hearts.

Blessings to you.

5 thoughts on “Welcoming in 2013

  1. Your husband

    This is very clear, very true and very nice. How’s that book coming along? When is now a good time to start in that?

    I love you


  2. krissie

    a beautifully positive post and a wonderful start for the year ahead. I wish you much joy discovering your financial freedom and all your other plans and goals/dreams.I think youre going to have a wonderful year! blessings!


  3. krissie

    I forgot to add that I did do the ritual you mentioned in the other post… I even found a green candle I had!! I did the whole thing as instructed, and now hoping for a great year! The ritual made me feel ‘something’, not sure what yet but there was some sort of energy happening.



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