Annie’s 7 birthday and transformation

Annie turned 7 today. After 7 years, every cell in our body has changed. That means, that the little girl I kissed 7 times today is (at least physically) not the same little girl I met 7 years ago. In the Steiner philosophy, children go through 7 year cycles. There are also 7 chakras and 7 colours of the rainbow.

Yes, 7 is big. She is entering a transformation. The next 7 year cycle of her life. It got me thinking about how I have transformed in 7 years. How I am a very different person.

I looked at her and her beautiful friends. I sat in awe looking at how the Montessori education has taught them such a beautiful sense of community and friendship. They all really love each other. I looked at the mums who didn’t just drop off their children, but instead, stayed and had a cup of tea and conversation.

I sat in gratitude for my life. And gratitude for the cycles we go through. Transformation is a necessary part of life. We cannot fight it. In order for new things to come into our experience, we have to let some things go. If we hang on to things for fear of change, we become heavy. We become heavy in our bodies. We become inflexible in our attitudes. We hold on to relationships that no longer serve us.

Yes, we have to make space for new experiences to come into our lives. My Annie is entering a new phase in her life. So am I. So are we all.

Are you doing anything to prepare for the inevitable changes coming into your life? I am spending the time between Christmas and new year, clarifying my vision for what I am going to create in my life in 2013. I am letting go of what I don’t want to take into the new year with me. I am being very quiet. Still.

Sleeping in. Journalling. Holding my family close. Letting the washing pile up.

It was a very peaceful birthday. It was such a relief to just let it unfold. Let the children play. They made their own pizzas. And jumped on the trampoline. That was it. No fancy clowns, or themed cakes. No mountain of food. No extravagant party bags.

Simple. Joyful. Peaceful. Just what a 7 year old needs as she enters the next cycle of her life.

She told me it was the best birthday she ever had.

Blessings to you.

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