We just got our chicks!
A day old.
Aren’t they cute?

Two Australorps – Or Austranaughts if you are Annie and Xavier.
Two Silkies.


Annie and Xavier are very pleased to tell us that the chicks are their responsibility.
It is their job to give them food, water and to clean out their little box. (They have requested some help with the last one)

Tonight, they read them stories and sang them a lullaby.

I hope that your weekend is as much fun as ours.

Blessings to you.

(I have some big news to announce in an upcoming post. Something that I never thought I would be sharing with you, stay tuned!)

3 thoughts on “Chicks!

  1. Winterwood

    they are so very sweet, tiny chicks looked after by your kids loving hands… it will do them good to have this responsibility! and those chicks will g row soooo fast too! enjoy them while they are so tiny and cute!looking forward to hearing the mystery announcment in your next post!


  2. Catherine

    They are so cute Ola and it's so sweet to hear how much they are loved already by your two little ones. I think chickens are wonderful pets to have around, we love our girls:) I'm very curious about your announcement I look forward to finding out soon what it will be:) xx



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