Happy home spray

My Christmas is simpler this year.
I have bought mostly hand made items as gifts.
I have stayed out of the shopping centres.
And I finished all my gift shopping by the end of November.

I hope to one day be making all my Christmas gifts.
But, for now, I have just made three for some very special girlfriends.

Here is the recipe for Happy Home Spray, adapted from Tess Whitehurst’s amazing book called “Magical Housekeeping”.

Doesn’t the title just make you smile?

It’s a really fun book, you can get it here.

Happy home spray

Citrine crystal
Essential oil of orange
Essential oil of patchouli
Vanilla essence
Spring water in a mister

During the daytime, when the sun is shining and not obscured by clouds, put the citrine crystal in the mister, as well as 16 drops of vanilla, 6 drops of orange and 12 drops of patchouli. (I had a 500ml bottle, adjust quantities to your bottle size.)


Visualise the pure, blinding, bright light of the sun coming down and entering the bottle, filling it completely.

Ask for and feel very harmonious and happy vibrations entering the bottle along with the sunlight.

Empower the spray with a happy empowerment, such as “Fill this bottle with happiness and joy.”

Or, if you are doing it with your children, like I did, (highly recommended as children have so much happiness and joy), jump up and down and shout, “Happy home, happy home, happy home!”

Spray in any room in your home that needs some uplifting.

This is such a wonderful mist, whenever we spray it, we feel such tremendous joy, it is really quite unbelievable.

I hope that my girlfriends enjoy it.

Blessings to you.

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