Six times around the sun

Six times around the sun today.

In the Montessori tradition, the birthday child holds a globe and walks around the sun.

One revolution for each year.

We sing the song:

“The earth goes round the sun, the earth goes round the sun. Round and round and round and round, the earth goes round the sun.”

And after each revolution, we look at photos and talk about the child’s year during that time.

It is very special for the child. (And parents!)

It is also very hands on, so they can really grasp the concept of our earth actually travelling around the sun.

Annie chose a friend to help her distribute her homemade cupcakes to her friends.
We all had to wait for her before we could eat, since it was her special day today.

As a special treat, Xavier (a.k.a. super hero) was allowed to stay and do some jobs with Annie.
They had a great time.
Annie loves teaching her brother.

And then Xavier made a friend in a three year old girl, who was so happy to play with him.

I was lucky enough to just stand back and enjoy watching the community of little people busily carrying on with their work.

At one point, two boys asked if they could ring the bell.

They rang the bell.

Children stopped their work.


“Would anyone like to see our work?”

Most of the children rushed over to see the giant puzzle they had built.

“Any questions?”

Hands went up:

“I like it.”
“It’s beautiful.”
“Good job!”

Such happy children.
Loving and kind, independent and focused.

I am so grateful that my children can thrive in this environment.

Blessings to you.

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