St Nicholas day 2011

Well, it’s definitely looking like Christmas around here.

We received our first Christmas card today.
From one of my dearest friends in the US.
I have yet to write our Christmas cards…

We had a visit from St Nicholas last night.
He left quite a mess with all his glitter going all the way down the stairs from Annie and Xavier’s rooms, past our front door and towards the road.

He was forgiven, since he left chocolate money, cookies, books, home made (not by me!) beanbags and a decoration for the tree for each child.

The most important thing he left was a letter to each of the children.

Annie couldn’t believe that he knew that she fell off her bike and that he was so proud of her that she got back on.

She is so enchanted by this magical Christmas time.

I won’t lie, so am I!

She packed up her whole bundle of gifts and took them to show and tell at school.

I am trying to pace myself and make life simple during this time.

I am enjoying each moment for what it is.

Christmas day is only the destination.
The journey is just as sweet.

Blessings to you.

2 thoughts on “St Nicholas day 2011

  1. Catherine

    Oh Ola your post is beautiful. You are right it is the journey that is so sweet, to remember to enjoy all of those moments along the way that are truly magical ones, like the one you've created. xx



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