How to slow down during your moon cycle

Today we are being joined by one of my favourite bloggers, Monica. from Bohemian Twilight and Holistic Mama.
Monica is a wealth of knowledge on all things in the sky and is so tuned in to herself. She epitomises authentic femininity, I have a lot of admiration for her.
I asked her to write something on the cycles of the moon and how it affects our own cycles as women.
She has written some beautiful words for us. 

Women have a direct access to creation, to the very pulse of Nature, by the processes of our bodies.

The moon takes about 28 days to complete her cycle.
So does the average woman.


The moon knows to grow, to be fully visible, to quieten down, to hide, and to be reborn.
In contrast, we have denied this cycle and force ourselves to be ‘on’, all the time. To give all the time. To achieve and complete and do and shine always.

Just following the moon’s ways, the ways of our bodies, we find inner calm, and expansion.

When the moon disappears from our view, known as the dark or new moon, it is akin to our bleeding time. 
It’s a time for inward going, introspection, quiet, reflection, solitude, slowing right down, taking stock, recharging, relaxation, sleep, deep awareness.

Once upon a time, women gathered together, away from the men, away from their usual chores, to do just that.
Nowadays, we make our menses as convenient and unobtrusive as possible. We may even halt it completely. So that we can continue to party, go to work, do our chores, tend to the children, go to the beach…

We no longer live in the supportive female-orientated communities of some cultures. In our societies, it’s no longer possible to shut down completely and push the world away. But following the moon’s ways is about inner intention first.
Any action, or intentional non-action, that supports it, all adds power to our connection.

Some things I include:
Turn off the computer, TV, don’t initiate text messages.
Stay home.
Nurture my body – foot massage, yoga session…
Go to bed early.
Speak intentionally (less chatter for chatters sake).
I also consider the specific energy (astrological) of the current moon.

When I used to work, I would speak as little as possible. Obviously speak to co-workers and customers, but not engage in idle chit-chat. A simple, ‘I’m in a quiet mood today’, and a smile is enough.
This is something that is more difficult for Extroverts to achieve, but it’s possible. Go about your day as if in a comforting, cosy, safe, bubble. I have managed the sense of inwardness even in crowds and at parties.

A woman that follows this rhythm will discover new areas of herself, as well as new possibilities towards others and towards the world. She will discover new levels of equilibrium. 
It is a journey. We don’t find all the answers, we don’t stop getting angry or feeling hurt, we don’t stop making mistakes. 

But we find an anchor.

What great insights.
Thank you, Mon.
I have been living this way for a while and it is really transforming my world. If we just listen to our bodies, rest when they say rest, do when they say do, we find the balance in our lives.
If you have any more insights in this area, please share in the comments section, we can all learn from each other.
Blessings to you.

7 thoughts on “How to slow down during your moon cycle

  1. boho mom

    That Monica is one wise woman. Her wisdom is so calming and grounding to read. I am printing this out and putting it in a pretty frame to hang in our bathroom. There, my teenage daughter will be able to see it, read it and practice it.Thank you Mon for sharing…off to find my copy of "The Red Tent" now. You've inspired me.


  2. Little Dotty Bird

    beautiful and wise words lovely Monica x It is so true and I have definatly found that I have been feeling more in tune with the moon lately, especially so as my cycle has also attuned to the full moon/new moon cycle. Another lovely blogger at Paraphernalia (, wrote an exert from a book called the prophet, saying pretty much what Monica was talking about…not talking too much! ….. Speak of Talking. And he answered, saying:You talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts;And you can no longer dwell in the solitude of your heart you live in your lips,and sound is a diversion and a pastime.And in much of your talking, thinking is half murdered.For thought is a bird of space, that in a cage of words may indeed unfold its wings but cannot fly.It is an inspring book, nice to meet you , lisa x


  3. the wild magnolia

    The crone years are here for me, challenging yes, but delightful too. These words of quietness and learning to feel the moon cycle and astrological happenings is exciting. Something I can do, learn to turn inward, less mindless chatter, peaceful state of learning.Thank you Monica, for your words.Thank you Olga for sharing.


  4. Obaitori Spiritual Mothering

    A beautiful and very real post, thank you both. I too think it all goes back to developing a deep awareness of all things – with this comes a natural understanding of nature and thus ourselves then we honour and love ourselves.Love Katie xxx"It is one of our foremost duties to lovingly care for Nature and all living things." ~ Amma‏



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