Spring Equinox 2011

Lettuce growing
Happy Spring Equinox!
(Or Autumn Equinox if you are in the Northern Hemisphere)
It has felt like Spring for about six weeks already, a lot of the bulbs I planted for Spring have already died down.
I suspect we might have a very warm Summer coming.
According to Fiona:
“The days and nights are of perfect equal length today, with tomorrow tipping over onto the light.
This is a wonderful time to look at where your life is or is not in balance and how to make changes that support you.
We are in the time of new birth, beginnings and youthfulness.
Perfect to start that exercise program, or set some new goals for yourself!”
I really do feel like I am in a time of new birth.
I feel that I am actually birthing the me that I always was.
Yoga, meditation, self nurturing and reigniting all those passions I had in my late teens that I buried when I went to work in the corporate world.
Life feels good.
And very expansive at the moment.
It feels true.
I have got many plans brewing in the back of my mind.
And I am doing a lot of soul searching before I release them into the world.
For now, I nurture them within.
I hope that you have a blessed Spring Equinox.
We are going to celebrate on Sunday with celebration bread, flowers and some sort of egg based dessert.
This is the time we are meant to be celebrating Easter (Eostar)in the Southern Hemisphere.
(Chocolate eggs and bunnies hopping about)
I am still trying to get my head around it, being raised Catholic in a Northern Hemisphere culture whilst living in the Southern Hemisphere for most of my life.
Anyway, that goes into the soul searching bit for now :).
Blessings to you.

1 thought on “Spring Equinox 2011

  1. Catherine

    Your lettuce growing looks beautiful. Spring has arrived hasn't it, I do hope though that summer is not too hot when it arrives I don't like really hot weather. I like looking at today as a time for new beginnings, I must start doing some writing. Enjoy your celebrations on Sunday. xo



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