Vegemite sandwiches all around

We just got the news.

I had to share.

On 12 September, 2011, our family has been granted permanent residence in Australia.

Thank you Sohail, you made this all possible for us.

Thanks to your brilliance, your company paid for our move and sponsored our visa.

Three years later, we submitted our application for permanent residence, which your company also paid for.

Six weeks later, we got it!

I am so grateful to be here, and now I really feel like I can plant my roots in this beautiful country.

What great news on the full moon.

Blessings to you.

7 thoughts on “Vegemite sandwiches all around

  1. Obaitori Spiritual Mothering

    Such great news! Happy Picean moon which signifies peaceful and happy surroundings.We are so lucky to live in this amazing country. Good news for your mooladhara chakra too! Congratulations to you all. We love vegemite sandwiches, thanks. That bird looks like an ecletus parrot. We met one called Matilda recently. Happy news. With much Love, Katie x



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