Is a 9 year old capable of organising a fundraiser?

I don’t write much about Montessori education.
Annie goes to a Montessori school and Xavier will be joining her there next year or the year after.
We are hoping to send them to a Montessori high school.

That is how much we believe in it.

We rent our home.
We don’t go on expensive holidays.
All our money goes into school fees and organic food :).

Someone once said that if you want to see a person’s priorities, look at where they spend their money.

Our priorities have always been education and health.

I am always learning new things and I believe that health is not just about the physical body, but also and probably more importantly, the spirit, because a healthy spirit will translate into a healthy body.

I have found that Annie’s school gives her the opportunities to develop that healthy spirit and body.

So, I spend a lot of my time working on my own spirit, as I know that my children will benefit so much from me being healthy.

There will be a loving environment at home and it will be a model for them.
If I honour myself, I will show them how to honour me, as well as how to honour themselves.

So, I don’t feel the need to write about how amazing Montessori education is all the time.
Because I am indeed, passionate about it.
And there are a lot of amazing blogs on the net dedicated to Montessori education.

There are other things that I have to write about too!

But, if you do want to know a bit more about Montessori and how amazing it is, my dear friend, Dionne, has recently started a lovely blog.
Her daughter goes to Annie’s school and is just a little bit older, nine years old, in fact.

Dionne has written a gorgeous post about how her daughter planned, organised and hosted a fundraising event for the RSPCA.

Thinking back to when I was nine years old, there would have been no way that I would have been able to do something like that.

It’s a gorgeous read.
Pop over, say hello and be amazed by what our little people are able to do, if they are just given the freedom and respect to do it.

Blessings to you.

3 thoughts on “Is a 9 year old capable of organising a fundraiser?

  1. tea with lucy

    i'm interested to learn more about montessori. aila will be heading off to steiner kindy next year. i know they are very different in methodology, but the development of a healthy spirit and body (and not just mind) is a big part of what i love about her school too.


  2. Dionne

    I am honoured Olga that you have mentioned and linked to my blog entry about Amy. I know that you and I are sisters in spirit and that we are both seeking the same wisdom in life… we are lucky, I believe we are amongst the minority who have learned that our children can teach us so much in life if we just stop and breathe and pause long enough to just observe them 😉



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