Imbolc 2011

Imbolc aka Candlemas is this week in the southern hemisphere.
Imbolc is the time that we can see the beginnings of Spring.
The days are getting longer.
It is still cold, but we can feel the shift of energy in the air.
We have been having an unusually warm and sunny week in Melbourne, for this time of year.
All the Spring blossoms have come out and the bulbs we planted at Winter Equinox are all sprouting.
We created a little celebration at home to mark this shift in energy.
We went outside and collected Spring flowers.
We brought in the daffodils we planted for Xavier’s birthday, how perfect that they blossomed for us on Imbolc!
Annie placed a candle in every room in our home.
We wrapped up some herbs from the garden and made up a bowl of water, blessed with some rock salt and lavender essential oil.
To welcome in the light, we lit a blue candle.
Blue represents peace, wisdom, communication, truth, patience, health and calm.
We then used that candle to light all the other candles in our home.
We also dipped the bundle of herbs in the water and wiped all the door frames on the outside of the home, visualising the protection and peace spreading into our home.
We have left the water overnight to anchor the protection and are drying the herbs to burn with the blue candle.
We had a lovely dinner of soup and Sohail’s home made ciabatta.
It was so good that we polished off a loaf and a half in about an hour!
We are spending this time thinking about what dreams and plans we are planning to nurture in this time of awakening and new life.
It is the time for Spring cleaning in all senses of the word; and also a time to clear away past disappointments.
It is a time to let go of old dreams and to step fully into the present.
A time to rebirth ourselves.
Looking around us in nature, we can see all of this being validated for us.
I am thinking that it is time to really take care of my spirit and my health if I want to be able to walk through all my dreams and desires.
I hope that you are enjoying this beautiful time of year.
And if you are in the northern hemisphere, it is time to start going inward again.
Blessings to you.

2 thoughts on “Imbolc 2011

  1. kristi

    i always save your blog for my quiet calm moments. today i woke feeling flu-like and after running the boys to school i crept back into bed for rest. now i can hear the rain, making it almost perfect for reading through this post. your words about clearing away past disappointments is really resinating with me at the moment. thanks once again lovely.


  2. Nic

    hi ola, this is a lovely way to welcome spring. i really like the reminder to clear away disappointments and step fully into the present. be present whilst spring cleaning… thank you



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