Honouring the new moon

Here is a radical idea.
How different would your life be if at the beginning of your monthly cycle or at the new moon, you took some time to stop?
To acknowledge that a new cycle is beginning.
To rest.
To recuperate.
To set intentions.
Is it possible to plan for this?
To cook some meals before hand?
To get your partner and older children to take care of the household tasks for three days?
Ok, start with one day.
Or even half a day.
Just start with the intention.
How different would your life be if you spent some time nurturing yourself?
Sitting in nature.
Having a special bath.
Having a special massage.
How about spending an evening with some special girlfriends to honour the one thing that unites all of you – your sacred feminine.
The moon has a natural cycle.
The new moon – the dark moon is the time for new beginnings. It is the time when we go into our own darkness.
It is the time when all our dark issues come up.
It is the time to go inwards.
Reflect and plan for the up coming cycle.
The moon then grows and grows.
Until it becomes the beautiful full moon.
That is the expansive time.
The time for growth and activity.
Until it wanes again to it’s darkness.
How different would your life be if you just honoured this natural cycle?
Next Sunday is the new moon in Leo.
How about planning just one thing to honour that?
I am busy cooking up some meals to freeze.
Blessings to you.

4 thoughts on “Honouring the new moon

  1. Sohail

    How about asking your husband to help a little more Love you a little more And help a little more around this time What a wonderful idea. What you missed in your blog though is that everyone should spend some time respecting, caring for and celebrating the sacred feminine and the women in their lives. Maybe this is a good time to do it. 🙂 I'll run you a bath…


  2. Monica {bohemian twilight}

    every dark moon i switch off. i don't go online, i try to not socialise or go out amongst people… i basically withdraw inwards.of course, this has changed a lot since becoming a mother, silence doesn't come so readily lolif i skip this, and don't allow introspection and inner quiet, i feel the difference acutely.


  3. Catherine

    I haven't heard of these rituals before Ola. It sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate being a woman and be accepting of things that often are seen as inconvenient. May your weekend be a nurturing experience. Thank you for being so inspirational. x


  4. Obaitori Spiritual Mothering

    Thank you Ola. This is sublime. I often sit in the midst of the chaos and say, 'Sorry, I'm not answering any questions today. I'm in my Red Tent. Please ask your father!' They usually go away much to my suprise and pleasure. But seriously – you have presented some beautiful ideas here. I love feeling the moon change into different signs. It is something I've just started developing and is quite simple to notice now that I know the signs. Thanks so much Ola. Love Katie x



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