Winter solstice 2011

Happy solstice!
We celebrated our winter solstice this weekend.
It was the first time we celebrated it and it was truly magical.
I think it will be a celebration we will continue for years to come.
We spent the morning creating our winter table in the children’s play area.
Annie said a prayer for the autumn table before we packed it up.
We finished sewing our little clouds and raindrops.
(Can you see the tiny one sewed by Annie?)
We hung them up and placed all our other winter goodies on the table.
We then planted some hyacinth bulbs.
Some in a glass vase and some in some soil.
They are being nurtured inside our home during these dark days.
We did not put any lights on that evening.
We lit candles everywhere.
A winter wonderland, we had.
I gifted everyone with a clear quartz crystal.
We ate gypsy soup.
Orange and green to encourage the sun to come back to us.
We made some hot chocolate and put it in a thermos.
And we went for a walk to the little creek near our home.
We drank hot chocolate under the stars.
We walked home in the dark.
And put the children to bed oh so peacefully.
Sohail and I sat up and drank tea by candlelight.
A truly magical celebration.
Today I am thinking about what I am letting go of with the solstice.
I have smudged our home.
I have donated some items to The Red Cross.
And tonight after my bath, I am going to do this special Wiccan self blessing.
Thank you, Katie.
I hope that you have a wonderful solstice.
Blessings to you.

10 thoughts on “Winter solstice 2011

  1. Obaitori Spiritual Mothering

    Beautiful Ola, a very happy solstice to you. This is such a wonderful description of your solstice. Sounds like the new year will bring you much love and abundance. The walk to the creek sounds like magic and the hot chocolate makes it even more enchanting. Peace to you sweet soul sister. Thanks for the inspiration. All love, Katie xxx


  2. Nic

    your celebration sounds perfect ola, it's lovely that you have a creek nearby. i'm inspired by the gypsy soup too- my copy of the moosewood cookbook is literally coming apart at the seams but i've never made that recipe for some reason. have fun with the blessing, happy winter solstice to you. xx nic x


  3. Dionne

    You are a truly inspiring individual dearest Olga! You have given me the opportunity to reconnect with my spiritual self and my creative self. I feel so blessed to have had you touch my life in your very special way. I look forward to sharing my life journey with you. Hugs. Dionne. xxx


  4. Catherine

    What a beautiful way to celebrate the winter solstice Ola. You have such a thoughtful and serene way of living, Thank you for sharing your special ritual. xo



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