Happy birthday and a great find

Today is Sohail’s birthday.
Happy birthday my love!
I am so happy that I get to spend my life with my soul mate.
You are a good man.
A caring husband.
A loving father.

We celebrated his birthday over the weekend.
It was Annie’s idea.
She knew that we wouldn’t be able to do it properly during the week.
Bless her heart.
She is a true angel walking amongst us.

Card painted by Xavier.
Words by Annie.
I only wrote what she asked. 

Sohail was blown away by the effort we made for him.
King for the day.

Can you see the birthday banner I made in the background?

Home made Polish chocolate cake.
Just when we had polished off the last morsel today, Sohail came home with a cake which was given to him by his colleagues at work.
Oh well, I guess we have more work to do.
Polishing off birthday cake is such hard work, hee hee!

I popped out to Winterwood to look for some winter books today.
This is a great Steiner inspired shop.
I always walk away so inspired to create beautiful things.
I have even managed to create a few.
Not too many, but a few.
Have a look at their website, you don’t need to live in Melbourne to shop there, as they deliver all over the world.
It turned out that they had just moved to new premises.
A beautiful, light filled space.
In a little basket, was a sign:
“Pre loved dolls.”
Very excitedly, I had a look and found these three beauties for a total of $33!
That is how much you would pay for a leg of a Waldorf doll!
All of a sudden, we have a total of five Waldorf dolls in our home.
Annie couldn’t be more excited.
I am thrilled.
Aren’t we lucky today?
Blessings to you.

4 thoughts on “Happy birthday and a great find

  1. kristi

    i gifted quinn a steiner doll on his third birthday and he still sleeps with it every night. it was filled with flaxseed and lavender instead of wool and i have sewn quite a few patches over the past three years to keep it together, but oh my he loves that doll. there is just something about handmade goods.


  2. Catherine

    Happy birthday to your husband Ola. You are a wonderful family who all love one another very much. Annie's words are truly beautiful I can imagine how happy Sohail would have been. Winterwood sound like a beautiful shop to visit, I have visited their online shop many times before and bought some lovely things:) xo



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